Plastic Recycling

Plastic recycling is the process of recovering scrap or waste plastic and reprocessing the material into useful products. Since the majority of plastic is non-biodegradable, recycling is a part of global efforts to reduce plastic in the waste stream, especially the approximately 8 million metric tonnes of waste plastic that enters the Earth’s ocean every year

Plastic Waste Management: Why It Is Important In India

Plastic – is a multipurpose, durable, and non-biodegradable product that was regarded as one of the greatest inventions when it was first introduced. But, after decades, it has become a nuisance for our environment. As you can see, everything has plastic in it. From bags to the device you are using right now, everything contains plastic in them. 

You might not know that over seven different types of plastic are available in the market. Each one is more severe than the other. In addition to this, a few of these plastics would never cease to exist, which makes them the greatest threat to living beings. 

We don’t deny that plastic has significant usage, but being a nonbiodegradable substance, it threatens all living organisms. This is why everyone must opt for ethical plastic waste management.

Plastic Waste In India

Here’s a fun fact, over one billion plastic bottles are being purchased every minute. Furthermore, It has been observed that from all the plastic wastes produced worldwide, every year, only 16% of them are recycled by a plastic waste recycling plant. And India, having a considerable economy and a large number of consumers, has more than 20,000 companies and industries producing plastic every single year. In addition, most plastic products are created to fulfill their purpose only once. Once used, it will be discarded since it has no use anymore, which ends up going into a dump that eventually ruins the environment. This is why these existing plastics must be subjected to plastic waste recycling.

This eventually makes plastic waste management in India not only essential but must. Today there are over hundreds of companies like us that are striving to make people aware of plastic waste management. To heal this world, we are living in. 

What Is Plastic Waste Management? 

Plastic waste management is entities that collect discarded plastics from multiple sources to recycle them with an efficient plastic waste recycling plant to create new products for the consumers, drastically impacting the new production of plastic by reusing the existing waste materials. In addition to this, products created from plastic waste recycling plants are cost-effective, eco-friendly, and innovative. 

Here are a few benefits of Plastic waste management

  • Reduces environmental pollution
  • Reduces the production of new plastic
  • Reduces the generation of toxic wastes
  • Protection of life forms. 

Plastic waste recycling protects our environment and our health. This is why it has become a necessity and priority for various developed and developing countries worldwide. 

How Does it Work

3R ZeroWaste is a waste management company where we collect discarded plastics from multiple sources. Then we take it to our plastic waste segregation plant, where we sort the plastics according to their type. This type includes LDPE, Natural LDPE, Mixed LDPE, HDPE, ABS, PBT, PC-PBT, Nylon, etc. Once we finish sorting it out, we use the innovative eco-friendly methodology to initiate plastic waste recycling with our partners. 

Till now, we have recycled around 110,000 KGs of plastic with the help of 75+ industries and 250+ households in the last two years. We are very serious about the concern aroused by plastic waste. Therefore we offer our extensive services in zero waste management, electronic waste management, Industrial waste management, etc. This is why we are working towards achieving 4 of the 17 UNDO SDG goals. So, to create a safe future for the coming generation, help us solve this plastic problem.

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