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3RZeroWaste® was founded with a clear belief to do things differently when it comes to Waste Management. We saw a wonderful opportunity for the over 1.8 Billion tons of Waste lying in India since Independence and 80 Million Tons being generated every year, most of which is being landfilled or burned.

We want to reduce this pile of waste by reusing it as an alternative to fossil-based feedstock. By doing so, 3RZeroWaste® strongly contributes to the Circular Economy and improves the environmental footprint by saving energy and reducing CO2 emissions. It also responds to the needs of consumers and brand owners who increasingly call for sustainable products. We are fully committed to UN Sustainable Development Goals SDG 2030.

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Cumulative waste collected ( Kg )


Cumulative waste collected ( Kg )

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Happy Citizens

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E Waste Management
E Waste Management
Plastic Recycling / Management
Plastic Recycling / Management
Industrial Waste Management
Industrial Waste Management
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Bio Mining / Management
Solid Waste Management
Solid Waste Management
Integrated Recycling Unit
Integrated Recycling Unit

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is zero waste management?

    Zero waste management is an approach to waste management that aims to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills and incinerators. This is achieved by promoting waste reduction, recycling, composting, and other sustainable practices.

    How can I reduce my plastic waste?

    There are many ways to reduce plastic waste, such as using reusable bags, bottles, and
    containers; saying no to single-use plastics like straws and utensils; buying products with less packaging; and properly disposing of plastic items through recycling or upcycling.

    How do zero waste management companies help reduce waste?

    Zero waste management companies provide services and resources to help individuals and
    businesses adopt sustainable practices that reduce waste. These may include waste audits, recycling programs, composting systems, education and outreach, and more.

    How can individuals get involved with zero waste management?

    Individuals can get involved with zero waste management by adopting sustainable practices in their daily lives, supporting businesses and organizations that prioritize waste reduction, volunteering with environmental groups, and advocating for policies that promote  sustainability.

    How do zero waste management companies help businesses save money?

    Zero waste management companies help businesses save money by improving resource
    efficiency, reducing waste disposal costs, increasing recycling revenue streams, and enhancing brand reputation and customer loyalty through sustainability initiatives.

    Zero Waste Management: A Brilliant Idea to Protect the Environment


    Have you ever wondered what zero waste is? As the term suggests, nil waste means no wastage of any product. Is it possible to eliminate the wastage of products? It is possible with the right approach. The entire planning of the process to ensure the minimum wastage of resources is called “Zero Waste Management.”


    Consider an example of cooking vegetables where people usually throw out the peels or the non-edible parts of the veggies in dustbins. But instead of throwing it out, if people bury those peels and the non-edible portion of the veggies in the soil of their garden or small pot, it will be a part of the composting process. The compost will provide fertility to the soil and aid in the conservation of nature. This is a true example of zero waste management, where the waste is used up by nature. This created an absolute absence of waste products.

    It was a small example. Millions of waste products are produced daily in various industries and companies. In such a scenario, they need waste management company to reduce the production of waste products.


    Zero Waste Management works on three principles-

    • Reduce
    • Reuse
    • Recycle

    These three principles are interrelated with each other. It is essential to reduce the usage of harmful products and encourage the usage of eco-friendly materials. The products should be reused repeatedly until their last level to reduce wastage. It reduces the production of greenhouse gasses in the following ways-

    • Maximum Recycling of products- Waste Management Recycling is one of the critical features of transforming waste or garbage into valuable products.
    • Minimizing the production of waste products from the resources.
    • Reducing the consumption of products in excess amounts (Consumption of products only as much required).
    • Focussing on 3Rs, i.e., reduce, reuse, and recycle.
    • Purchasing sustainable and eco-friendly products.
    • Eliminating the requirements of landfills and incinerators.
    • Reducing the consumption of energy in terms of various processes like extraction and transportation of raw materials.

    Waste Management Company

    Waste Management Company are a group of strategies used by various organizations to reuse, dispose of, and prevent the formation of waste products. They use the following methods for disposing of the waste products-

    • Biodegradation
    • Composts
    • Bioremediation
    • Limited Consumption

    Simply put, Waste Management Company involve measures for managing the waste in its life cycle. The life cycle of waste involves all the processes of waste generation, disposal, and recovery.


    One of the crucial parts of this system is Waste Management Recycling. The term “recycle” refers to the various operations performed to recover the product from the waste materials. In other words, recycling involves reprocessing waste materials into valuable products. It benefits humanity as well as the environment. There are three types of recycling namely-

    • Mechanical Recycling
    • Energy Recycling
    • Chemical Recycling

    One prominent example of Waste Management Recycling is the transformation of used papers into toilet paper or paper plates. This immensely helps to reduce the cutting of trees for manufacturing papers for everyday purposes like packaging or rough work.


    The concept of Zero Waste Management requires innovative designs and execution of sustainable plants to reduce the production of waste products from resources. Thus, it is a brilliant idea to protect the environment.