Solid Waste Management

Solid waste management is a term that is used to refer to the process of collecting and treating solid wastes. It also offers solutions for recycling items that do not belong to garbage or trash. As long as people have been living in settlements and residential areas, garbage or solid waste has been an issue. Waste management is all about how solid waste can be changed and used as a valuable resource.

Solid waste management should be embraced by each and every household, including the business owners across the world. Industrialization has brought a lot of good things and bad things as well. One of the adverse effects of industrialization is the creation of solid waste.

Categories of Waste

  1. Organic waste: Kitchen waste, waste from food preparation, vegetables, flowers, leaves, fruits, and market places.
  2. Combustibles: Paper, wood, dried leaves, packaging for relief items etc. that are highly organic and having low moisture content.
  3. Non-combustibles: Metal, Tins, Cans, bottles, stones, etc.
  4. Toxic waste: Old medicines, paints, chemicals, bulbs, spray cans, fertilizer and pesticide containers, batteries, shoe polish.
  5. Recyclables: Paper, glass, metals, plastics.
  6. Ashes or Dust: Residue from fires that are used for cooking.
  7. Construction waste: Rubble, roofing, broken concrete etc.
  8. Hazardous waste: Oil, battery acid, medical waste, industrial waste, hospital waste.
  9. Dead animals: Carcasses of dead livestock or other animals.
  10. Bulky waste: Tree branches, tires etc.
  11. Soiled waste: Hospital waste such as cloth soiled with blood and other body fluids.

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    Importance Of Solid Waste Management In Urban India

    The climatic and environmental conditions of the Indian urban areas are Constantly degrading due to the discarded byproducts of households, industries, businesses, and so on. Major cities like Delhi have succumbed to the hazardous damages that these waste products are causing to the equilibrium of human life and nature.

    For that very reason, solid waste management has become significant and should be taken by every single human being living in urban areas. If this situation is not taken seriously, then the days when this world will become a barren land are no longer a distant concept.

    This article will emphasize the importance of solid waste management in urban areas of India for manufacturing companies to opt for. So, if you want to live in a healthy environment, keep reading this article to the end, as it will help you understand why solid waste management is essential.

    What is Solid Waste Management?  

    Solid waste management is the process of collecting, recycling, and reusing waste materials that have been discarded since they are no longer required by any household or industry. Another term that is used to describe these waste materials is MSW (Municipal solid waste).

    Municipal solid waste entails all the unnecessary products that have been discarded by an individual daily. This individual comes under the direct jurisdiction of the Municipality board, thus known as municipal solid waste.

    MSW can be anything, and it can be paper, plastic, scraps, empty cans, bottles, glasses, or anything that a human uses on a daily basis. The management of these MSW is simply known as Municipal solid waste management.

    Why is Municipal Solid Waste Important in Urban India?

    India is not a planned nation. Meaning most of the infrastructures in India are unplanned. Which ultimately turns India into a significant concrete cataclysm. In addition to these, most industries and companies are built across these significant cities. Thus, there are not many places or plants where this solid waste can be treated with appropriate measures. Thus MSW poses a threat as it is the progenitor of various health ailments and sicknesses.

    In order to prevent these hazardous ailments from occurring, appropriate Municipal Solid Waste Management is critical as well as necessary.

    Here are a few reasons why Municipal Solid Waste Management is essential in cities.

    Preservation of a healthy lifestyle

    As mentioned earlier, municipal waste is the progenitor of several hazardous health ailments and conditions. For instance, the chemicals and metals that are contained in e-waste can cause soil erosion, water contamination, and air pollution. These problems ultimately give birth to various health conditions like skin problems, infections, and even fatal diseases like cancer.

    Preservation of Ecosystem

    When these MSW are destroyed or discarded without using any proper measures and caution, it can cause severe environmental degradation through greenhouse gases and other relevant elements. But, when one opts for appropriate solid waste management, they are provided with appropriate knowledge and tools to properly treat these solid waste materials, which ultimately aids in the preservation of the Ecosystem.

    Improvisation of Economy

    When a manufacturing company takes an aid of a solid waste management company, they are causing a significant impact on their company as well as the nation’s economy in a positive way. Let’s take an example of a tech company that produces computer harddisks. Instead of creating new products out of fresh materials every time, they can collect discarded products through a waste management company and then recycle those to create new products, which will not only save their resources but will bring more profit.

    All of the above mentioned are the primary reasons a company, individual, or organization needs to emphasize opting for appropriate solid waste management strategies.

    And to achieve these objectives, one can hire a solid waste management company to help them in their endeavor to preserve the world.


     Seeing the dangerous threat this solid waste pose in society, there has been surfacing of several Solid Waste Management companies throughout the world. These companies are highly acknowledged and influential entities when it comes to treating this waste most conveniently.

    So, if you want to incorporate solid waste management in your company, home, or business to Pave the path to a healthy world, Consider opting for a Solid waste management company in India.