E waste Management

E-waste is any electrical or electronic equipment that’s been discarded. This includes working and broken items that are thrown in the garbage or donated to a charity reseller like Goodwill. Often, if the item goes unsold in the store, it will be thrown away. E-waste is particularly dangerous due to toxic chemicals that naturally leach from the metals inside when buried.

List of Common E-waste Items:

Home Appliances

  1. Microwaves
  2. Home Entertainment Devices
  3. Electric cookers
  4. Heaters
  5. Fans

Communications and Information Technology Devices

  1. Cell phones
  2. Smartphones
  3. Desktop Computers
  4. Computer Monitors
  5. Laptops
  6. Circuit boards
  7. Hard Drives

Home Entertainment Devices

  1. DVDs
  2. Blu Ray Players
  3. Stereos
  4. Televisions
  5. Video Game Systems
  6. Fax machines
  7. Copiers
  8. Printers

Electronic Utilities

  1. Massage Chairs
  2. Heating Pads
  3. Remote Controls
  4. Television Remotes
  5. Electrical Cords
  6. Lamps
  7. Smart Lights
  8. Night Lights
  9. Treadmills
  10. FitBits
  11. Smart Watches
  12. Heart Monitors
  13. Diabetic Testing Equipment

Office and Medical Equipment

  1. Copiers/Printers
  2. IT Server Racks
  3. IT Servers
  4. Cords and Cables
  5. WiFi Dongles
  6. Dialysis Machines
  7. Imaging Equipment
  8. Phone & PBX systems
  9. Audio & Video Equipment
  10. Network Hardware (i.e. servers, switches, hubs, etc.)
  11. Power Strips & Power Supplies
    Uninterrupted Power Supplies (UPS Systems)
  12. Power Distribution Systems (PDU’s)
  13. Autoclave
  14. Defibrillator

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is e-waste management?

    E-waste management is the process of managing electronic waste, which includes collecting,
    transporting, and properly disposing of or recycling electronic devices.

    What are the risks associated with improper e-waste management?

    Improper e-waste management can lead to environmental pollution and health risks due to the hazardous materials present in electronic devices.

    What are the components of an e-waste management system?

    The components of an e-waste management system include collection, transportation, sorting and segregation, recycling, and disposal.

    How is e-waste collected?

    E-waste can be collected through door-to-door collection, drop-off points, and collection drives provided by e-waste management companies.

    What are the benefits of e-waste recycling?

    E-waste recycling conserves natural resources, reduces environmental impact, creates jobs, and recovers valuable materials.

    Why Is Electronic Waste A Concern That You Must Be Cautious Of?

    E-waste has become a significant problem for developed as well as developing countries. Where India also comes under the threat of these electronic wastes. It might seem insignificant, but when you delve into the threats and problems bestowed by these electronic wastes, you will learn that these wastes are killing us slowly by deteriorating the lifestyle we have. 

    However, when they become futile, what we do is discard them without giving them a second thought. This is encouraging the problem of e-waste more and more. This is why we help people to understand the necessity of corporating electronic waste management in our daily life which has become more significant than ever. 

    But, what exactly are these electronic wastes, why should you become more sensible about them? And what are the electrical waste management approaches that need to be taken to mitigate the issues being resulted from e waste?

    What Are The Problems Caused By E Waste? 

    Electronic appliances contain metals and elements that are highly hazardous when they are either burned or buried in the ground. Here is an example of profound adverse impacts that have been caused by these e wastes. 

    • Degradation of Environment

    When this electronic waste is buried in the ground and burnt, the components that are available on these waste materials come out in the form of toxic fumes and liquids. Which eventually gets mixed with Air, water, and soil. As a result, these toxic materials create an imbalance in our environment by making them hazardous for every living organism. Thus preventing life forms from prospering effectively. A few profound examples of climate degradation are,

    • Soil Pollution 
    • Water pollution
    • Climate pollution

    As you have seen, the threats posed by this e-waste are intimidating and life-threatening. This is why every responsible individual mustn’t underestimate these problems and be cautious about mitigating them as soon as possible.  However, we are providing best services by  taking appropriate measures of electronic waste management to reduce these problems as efficiently as possible.  

    Approaches undertaken by us While Dealing With E Waste

    We cannot change everything on our own. In order to bring that change, we have united. However, one can always take the initiative to bring that change. Here are a few practical electronic waste management approaches through which we bring that change by minimizing the production of e waste. 

    • One of the practical approaches to e waste management is being a good consumer. We Make sure to help you research an electronic appliance for e waste management before making a purchase. Look for durable products. 
    • We reuse a product is another critical approach to e waste management. We do it by repairing a particular electronic appliance before discarding it. If it’s not under the conditions of repair, we always recycle it. 
    • We Make sure to know what your handheld device is made up of. As a responsible human, knowing it will eventually prevent you from creating more waste. 
    • While purchasing any electronic product, look for a green-friendly label. These products are eco-friendly as they have been created from recycled products. It is an essential electronic waste management solution that is being opted for by major brands. 
    • Maintaining what you have is another fruitful approach to electronic waste management; this might seem insignificant, but when done on a large scale, we help with these rising concerns due to e waste. 
    • Always keep the number of gadgets you use to a limited number. It is a crucial e waste management approach that everyone should be well aware of. 

    All the approaches mentioned earlier are highly critical for effective e waste management. By adhering to these approaches, we make sure to contribute to the earth’s greater good. 

    Importance of E Waste Management Companies 

    Due to the increasing number of e waste, there has been a significant rise in E Waste Management Companies, which strive to bring that change by reusing and recycling this waste for the well-being of the environment.

    We, 3R Zero Waste, As prominent E Waste Management Companies, offer our extensive service in environment consultancy, Recycling plant set-up consultancy, Waste R&D, Trading of Recycled Plastic Granules, Trading Virgin Plastic Granules, Recycling Consultancy, and E waste Recycling. We are one of the frontline E Waste Management Companies that highly emphasize corporating the knowledge of e waste management in everyone’s life to create a brave new world for future generations.