Reasons Why We Need Plastic Waste Management

As you all know, plastic has become an important part of our life. It is used by almost everybody in the form of plastic bags, bottles, packaging of clothes and food material, lids, straws, and whatnot. Everybody is actively making use of it but when it comes to management and plastic waste recycling, very few work on it. For serving such a purpose, 3R Zero Waste Management Company comes to the rescue.

About Our Company

We are the Plastic Waste Management Company that aims at cleaning the environment by collecting all the plastic waste material that is discarded by the people in the surroundings. We recycle the plastic at our plastic waste recycling plant so that it can be used again.

What We Do

  • For plastic waste Management, we first collect plastic waste material from various sources.
  • The plastic that is collected is then segregated according to its nature and type at the segregation plant.
  • After segregating the plastic material, we along with our partners work for plastic waste recycling the material at the plastic waste recycling plant in a nature-friendly manner.

Why Should We Adopt Plastic Waste Management?

In a country like India, there are a lot of companies that are producing plastics that are used once and then thrown as they cannot be used again. This is leading to increasing in plastic at a rapid rate. However, the speed at which plastic is produced and discarded is much faster than the speed it is recycled, leading to the depletion of the condition of our environment. For such a cause, our company took the initiative to save our environment by not only plastic waste recycling but also educating and making people aware of our environment and its needs.

Following are some causes why we all should adopt Plastic Waste Management:

  • To decrease the pollution present in our environment
  • To make it possible for people to live a long and healthy life
  • To protect every kind of life form on Earth
  • To slow down and reduce the production of new plastic 
  • To reduce the amount of plastic waste already present in our environment

What We Have Done So Far

When it comes to the management of plastic waste, we feel very serious and responsible for the same. Following are some of the achievements of our company:

  • In the previous two years, we along with people and industries have worked hard and done plastic waste recycling of around 1 lakh kg of plastic waste that has been collected and processed at the plastic waste recycling plant.
  • We believe in providing extensive services in managing waste materials such as industrial waste, household waste, electronic waste, etc.
  • We are currently working on a project to achieve some of the UNDP SDG goals.

Plastic, no doubt has become an important part of everyday human life, still, it is also a serious threat to every life form and environment. Producing more and more plastic and not doing anything about the discarded one is providing more harm than good. Thus, it is needed for people and companies to wake themselves up and understand the need and importance of plastic waste management